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Clearing the PATH for Business Property Tax Breaks

Clearing the PATH for Business Property Tax Breaks
While President Trump’s new administration works vigorously to unravel many of the programs put in place by President Obama, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 remains intact. In fact, the IRS only recently released guidance for those interested in taking advantage of laws like Section 179 for real estate improvements (see Revenue Procedure 2017-33).

Embarrassing Celebrity Tax Mistakes

Embarrassing Celebrity Tax Mistakes

Celebrities can certainly make mistakes with their money. Two of the most common mistakes that involve the IRS are tax evasion and poor estate planning. One is a failure to assume responsibility and hope the IRS doesn’t notice while the other is based more on ignorance of what can truly happen to your assets (and how much can be lost to the IRS) after you’re gone. Marilyn Monroe, Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes and others have fallen victim to these mistakes and they (or their families) have paid the price. 



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