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Forensic Accounting

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Forensic accountants, also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, are held to high standards in their service to courts of law. Forensic accountants assist attorneys, juries and judges with challenging accounting and tax questions.

Steven Bankler is both a skilled Certified Forensic Accountant and Certified Public Accountant.

Steven Bankler has been intricately involved in high-profile legal proceedings that called for a forensic accountant, including the U. S. Senate’s Whitewater investigation and the U. S. Senate Banking Committee’s inquiry into Swiss banks’ involvement in holding Holocaust victims’ assets.

During his appointment as sole tax accountant for Whitewater, Bankler assisted attorneys for the Senate Whitewater Committee and for the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which required Bankler’s examination of thousands of pages of documents and depositions.

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Steven Bankler is a qualified accounting authority with a strong foundation in forensic accounting, which he applies to other areas of his accounting business.

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"A few years ago I experienced the loss of my 22 year marriage and a legal battle that tested my emotional and mental stamina. I was in process of determining my financial position ~ as if I was peeling off layers an onion ~ and the end appeared to be nowhere in sight. A dear friend of mine suggested I seek out a Forensic Certified Public Accountant to assist with this portion of my divorce. As I began my search on the web, Steven Bankler’s website caught my eye. As I read his profile I only hoped he was as good as he read. A bit tarnished from my proceedings I was a bit wary of yet another professional in this mix. A call was made; an appointment was scheduled with specific requested documents for Steve to review. After a brief consultation Steve began reviewing the documents. His insight and discernment was like that of a skilled surgeon. He knew my story, knew what I was up against and went to work. Steve and his professional team were proficient and skilled. Being under a critical time line they worked meticulously to chronicle all the information available to them. Steve continued to be committed to my case while out of the country on business. He never missed a beat. Steve testified on my behalf in court and stood by my side throughout my ordeal. Was Steve as good as he read? NO! Steve was better! Not only is Steve an exceptional Forensic CPA, he is a man of integrity with cutting edge expertise. Steve supported me in other ventures and I truly appreciate his level of honesty and reliability. Steve was my rock and I am forever grateful that he took on my case and worked so diligently on my behalf."

-- Leslie D. Schultz


When you hire Steven Bankler and his team of certified public accountants, you get seasoned, knowledgeable CPAs.

The IAPA International LogoRather than experienced bookkeepers, promising CPAs-in-training or studious interns in the process of completing their accounting degrees, you get professional CPAs. We Solve Problems. We provide creative solutions to our clients’ unique problems including tax and estate planning, forensic accounting, expert witness and litigation support.


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