Whether your business is law, construction, manufacturing, retail, or government contracting, and you require exit planning, asset protection, or a tax planning solution, our business has been "solving clients' problems" since 1977.

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Steven Bankler, CPA, Ltd. is ranked a Top Accounting Firm in San Antonio

Steven Bankler and his team of Certified Public Accountants are seasoned, knowledgeable CPAs. Eliminate unnecessary confusion that comes with hiring bookkeepers, CPAs-in-training interns, or college students in the process of completing their accounting degrees. We Solve Problems® and Our Job is to Put Money in Your Pocket!®

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If you haven’t been to our office lately you might be surprised to notice some significant changes. We recently celebrated 45 years in business with a brighter-than-ever outlook, having doubled the size of our CPA staff in a short amount of time. Of course, the pandemic complicated things, but changing tax laws, relief, and deadlines meant our work was never put on hold. So, like many others, we went “under construction” and found ourselves moving during the pandemic—into expanded office space next door. These changes mean we can continue to provide proactive tax planning, asset protection and exit strategies with increased focus on you. If you haven’t visited us in the new space yet, we look forward to welcoming you back in to see our new space and meet our new staff.

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“We have been clients of Steven Bankler CPA for over 30 years. Not only has he been receptive and accessible but he has saved us millions because of his legal creativity.”
$20 million family-owned limited (mutual fund) partnership

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