Whether your business is law, construction, manufacturing, retail, or government contracting, and you require exit planning, asset protection, or a tax planning solution, our business has been "solving clients' problems" since 1977.



Whether you need a forensic accounting or expert witness for testimony during litigation proceedings, simple tax preparation for individuals or complex business financial planning and asset analysis for global conglomerates, or estate planning advice, clients of Steven Bankler, CPA, Ltd. consistently comment on the firm’s personalized and professional attention to detail in meeting and exceeding expectations.

Wodkins & Reed Counseling Services
“Steve has been able to save significant taxes through smart and effective business decisions.”
Mike Wodkins and Debra Reed, Owners

Polunsky Beitel Green
“Steven is gifted. I’ve never met another business person as creative and thoughtful as he is. Every time we sit down together, I’m confident we’ll leave with a great plan.”
Allan Polunsky, Founder and Managing Partner

Magnolia Halle
“Steve has helped us remain profitable while achieving our long-term goals.”
Robert Fleming, Owner

Keaco, LLC
“Right away Steven recommended a business structure change I wouldn’t have thought to consider on my own. It improved our succession plan and should result in big tax savings.”
Mark Keatts, Owner

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American Dream Vacations
Steve Franklin, American Dream Vacations, Owner

“Steven is really hands-on, which I love. When he sees an opportunity, he will pick up the phone and call me. He’s constantly watching out for us. He has also been able to help in a surprising way: by strengthening the company’s sales pitch to potential clients.”

Billy’s Western Wear
Sarah Bishop, Billy’s Western Wear, LLC

“I met Steven Bankler in 1998 when a lawyer recommended he be consulted to determine the value of our store’s lease, which South Park Mall wanted to buy out. In the process, Steven looked at my financials and found my former preparer had incorrectly done my taxes to the tune of $35,000. He recovered all of it for us. Steven is brilliant. He has since prepared our taxes and leveraged our assets, including setting up various entities to our best tax advantage. He is a good advisor who has skillfully guided me, and his advice has positively influenced my business decisions. If I’m thinking about doing this or that, I can call him and ask his opinion. Steven is amazing to work with! And he’s just a phone call away.”

Cafe Berlin
Rico Glage and Clytie Roberts-Glage,
Café Berlin, Owners, Washington, D.C.

Before Clytie Roberts-Glage and Rico Glage became Café Berlin’s owners, they called Steven Bankler, CPA, Ltd. to be sure to have a handle on things from the start, including how to structure the business, apply for the licenses and navigate the world of business bookkeeping. With Bankler’s team of experts they are discovering new ways to invest Café Berlin’s profits into planning for the future. This includes establishing a solid exit plan to enjoy the next phase of their life when it’s time to retire.

Chapman Stout, Medlars, Owner

“I saw firsthand Steve’s creativity and thought process. When an opportunity presented itself to leave my existing accounting firm, Steve was the only one I called.”

MPN, inc.
John F Dini and Leila Dini, MPN, inc., Owners

"The Bankler motto is true; we really have saved money. Steven helped us restructure and find smarter ways to do business. Other accountants will tell you, ‘I don’t see anything in the tax code that says we can do it.’ And that will be the end of it. Steve has the experience and confidence to know better. He’ll tell you, 'I don't see anything in the tax code that says we cannot do it.' And then he’ll set off to investigate.”

Oak Hills Women’s Center
Bernard R. Cavazos, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.O.G. and
Carolyn Lewallen Cavazos, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Private Practice, Owners, Oak Hills Women’s Center

“We met Steven Bankler about 20 years ago after another physician referred him to us. We were looking for someone with more credentials. The more you practice, the better you get, and Steven has vast experience. We used a bookkeeper while in residency and later used someone who did not know about business. Then we hired Steven to manage our business accounting and to advise us about retirement planning. We admire his organizational skills and knowledge, especially concerning taxes. He keeps us in good shape with taxes. Today’s tax laws are thousands of pages. We don’t have time to read or understand all that. Steven does. We also appreciate his consistency and availability.”

Janie Gonzalez, Webhead, Chief Executive Officer

“From day one Steve has impacted me personally and professionally. I was impressed with his strong analytical and problem solving skills, his focus on working with privately held companies, and his diverse staff of brilliant CPAs.”

1st Choice
Edwin L. Lauterstein, President,
1st Choice Heating & Air Conditioning LLC,
1st Choice Restaurant Equipment & Supply LLC,
1st Choice Leasing LLC

“Running multiple companies is a difficult challenge. Even more difficult is keeping the accounting records and government requirements in compliance. For the past five years, Steven Bankler CPA and his staff have simplified my work by advising and assisting my staff accountant. My experience with Steve has built a level of confidence in me about his firm, which gives me the ability to not worry about the books but instead focus my efforts on growing 1st Choice Companies. Steve’s accessibility and competence makes him invaluable to us. He’s always there when I call, and if he’s away on a trip, I have confidence and trust in his staff. Steve has a creative mind, which when applied to our tax returns ensures we pay only what is fair and legally compliant. Where other CPAs may not be so aware of every single thing available to us, Steve is.”

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Accounting & Tax Planning

ACE Foam Designs
When I founded ACE, Steve developed a tax strategy to minimize taxes. He helped us handle the acquisition of Mission Stone and today helps with tax planning and investments. Steve has helped my family save money and keep more of what we earn.
Michael Boss, Owner

Advanced Imaging Services
“Steve gets excited about business and about my business. He advises me on my company’s structure, and he and my attorney worked together to set up the business entities that offered the best tax advantages as well as protections for my business and family.”
Philip Rathbun, Owner

American Dream Vacations of Houston
“For the first time, I didn’t have to cut a check at tax time.  Everything is accounted for, and we’re taking full advantage of the write-offs we’re due. Steve’s help has vastly changed my business for the better.”
Bart Bonham, Owner

Auto Brite Company
“From a tax standpoint, we were operating as a distributor. But Steven explained to us that—since we make most of our own chemicals—we really are a manufacturer. Recategorizing saved us a lot of money.”
Lawrence and Elizabeth Stovall, Owners

Café Berlin
“We’ve been able to remain proactive when it comes to managing the business side of the restaurant and, with Bankler’s continued help, discovering new ways to invest Café Berlin’s profits into planning for the future. This includes establishing a solid exit plan to enjoy the next phase of our life when it’s time to retire.”
Clytie Roberts-Glage & Rico Glage, Owners

Corrigan Air Center
“I may have a business degree, but the complicated tax laws in our industry are out of my territory. Steven seems to always know what to do. We’re relieved to have him on our side.”
Michael and Patrick Corrigan, Owners

Flo-Aire Service
“Steve responds when we call. He takes all our worries away. He’s well known in the industry and we’re very fortunate to know him. When anyone asks us for financial information on our company, it’s clean and accurate.”
Jimmy McDuff, Owner

Goodman Sign Art
“I was referred to Steve by a local attorney. Steve has guided us through numerous tax hurdles and offers the company ongoing tax saving advice with his expertise in family-owned businesses.”
Bill Goodman, Owner

Hat Trick Development
“It’s relatively easy for an accountant to do depreciation analyses and income statements for a property or two. But once you get into multiple transactions and you’re not just buying and selling, but you’re managing, too: That’s where Steven stood outside the box and came up with unique solutions.”
Rick Benson, Owner

JR RAMON Demolition
“Steven recommended we reconfigure our corporate structure to serve our purpose better. His team has been extremely responsive and knowledgeable throughout the entire transition.”
Timothy Ramon, President

Magnolia Pancake Haus
“Steve has an insightful long view when it comes to small businesses and maintaining profits. He understands how to balance labor, supplies and materials, and is always looking for opportunities for improvement.”
Robert Fleming, Owner

Massangale Armature Works, Inc.
“Steve and team treat us like we’re their most important clients. They seem truly interested in what we do and who we are as a family-run business.”
John & Robin Massangale, Owners

Oasis RV Boat Storage
“The Bankler team has helped us sort out the financial side and handle our federal taxes. With their help, we set up a management company to take advantage of the deductions and reduce the expenses that affect businesses like ours.”
Gary and Maria Ruwaldt, Owners

Phenix Salon Suites
“Steven and his team helped restructure both the business and personal assets to help support future success, a combination that included separate LLCs and a C-Corporation structure as well as tools such as self-directing IRAs. They take good care of us.”
Chuck and Tia Andersen, Owners

Precision Contracting
“I had heard about Steven from other contractors. He knows the construction industry, and that’s just what I was looking for: an accountant who could take me to that next level. When I first met with him, Steven made half a dozen suggestions I had never gotten from my former accountant. I knew I made the right call.”
Joe Dubbels, Owner

Princess Beauty Supply
“Steven’s expertise has provided notable tax savings. HE also ably represented Princess in an IRS audit last year that concluded with a no-change report.”
Amir Kamel, Owner

Quest College
“Steve’s expertise has benefited our company on an accounting level as well as forensic level as our company and tax situations have grown more and more complex.”
Jeanne Martin, Owner

Tax Notes
For two decades, Steve Bankler has helped analyze presidential tax returns for Tax Notes, the definitive publication for tax news, commentary, and analysis for professionals. We value his ability to detect and decipher difficult and abstruse tax return problems.
Lee Sheppard, contributing editor

Texas Mini Storage Facility
Steven Bankler is a consummate professional. He is not only guiding us through a difficult audit process, but is also giving us information and ideas about tax reduction opportunities that we have been missing and can take advantage of in future years. In the long run it is easy to see that Steven will save us more than we pay him.
J. B., Owner

Vighter Medical Group, LLC
“Steve’s approach not only reduced payroll taxes but also allowed Vighter to recoup much of the estimated taxes paid during the tax year. I highly recommend Steven’s services, especially for government contractors with offices in the San Antonio area.”
Dr. Jeff Lee, Owner

Workspace Solutions
“It became clear that Steven was a better fit for us than the large accounting firm we were using,” says Bill. “Franchise taxes, payroll taxes and other issues had been a source of confusion and frustration for us for years, but Steven and his team explain them in a way that makes sense.”
Bill & Susan Schiller, Owners

Litigation Support & Expert Witness

“I wanted to write to thank you, Steven, for your hard work and dedication on behalf of our client. You performed in an extraordinary, very professional manner that substantially contributed to a fabulous result for our client. You were extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared, which translated into very competent and convincing testimony. You were able to explain complex financial matters in relatively straightforward terms, which made it easy for our arbitration panel to follow. We truly appreciate your efforts.”

Litigation Attorney

New York, New York

Litigation Support & Expert Witness

“Your work with us was instrumental in obtaining our client’s acquittal.”
Lori, Litigation Attorney